The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

MAR 23, 2012 Kathmandu – I was just wondering to watch something weird on the net today, searching for few minutes, i went to find some documentaries on youtube which blown my mind.

This documentary which may have still not solved the secret mystery of the Bermuda Triangle but good to understand the weird nature that does exist on earth.

“Since the 15th century, the Bermuda Triangle has mysteriously vanished an untold number of ships, planes and lives with three more known incidents in 2004. Using today’s scientific knowledge and investigative techniques, we study the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle. History Channel through computer graphics, highly stylized recreations, and underwater cameras, we will dramatically visualize the accidents as well as investigate the possible causes and explanations.

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On-camera interviews with both skeptics and believers will help lay out the facts and opinions of the cases.
Can the latest science available today finally lay to rest the mysteries of the Triangle?”

Write your opinion on this Mystery.


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