Ancient Nepal in a rare video

Kathmandu June 22, 2012 – I was wondering online and searching for old and ancient history and records of Nepal. I came cross with this short but very important video on YouTube, Ancient Nepal captured in a memorable Video, Probably the first Nepal introduction to the outer world. Anyone who wants to know about the past of Nepal, Must watch this video and acknowledge our history and bravery.

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This video is about the origination of the word and the country Nepal. Nepal is one of the oldest countries in the world. One of the most sacred lands, Nepal was ruled by different Kings and Dynasty since the beginning of its establishments. Please watch the video for more details. This channel, Edition Nepal is an effort to bring one of the oldest history, culture to the world.

Source: “Ancient And Medieval History of Nepal”, by Dr. Shriram Prasad Upadhyaya, A Course Book of B.A. 3rd Year is the major source of information of this documentary. I, Ankur Mourya have completed Master’s in Sociology From Tribhuwan Univeristy of Nepal.

Watch this video in His own voice in English:

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