Death before Surrender
Death before Surrender

While searching for a documentary to watch, i just came across this one on vimeo, you may like it too.

Cinéma vérité literally means “true film”. It’s a type of documentary in which ordinary people in their common situations and at their usual places tell their story and create a course of action, while the director records it and with minimal technical intervention conveys it to the viewers.

Death Before Surrender is a complete opposite to Hollywood blockbusters that most people watch – it was made without a multi-million budget, without a script, crew, professional cast, special effects, additional lighting or even a tripod, in fact – it was made by only one guy.

This film is NOT for the impatient people who lack concentration and imagination – there are no high-speed chases, there is no shooting or fighting and there is no nudity – there are only ordinary people whose individual stories intertwine creating a broader picture of the events that took place, of the events that do not interest everyone…

Even though it’s not made for profit, this is NOT a propaganda film – it’s just a story about some events and some people told by those very people…

You may NOT alter, transform, or build upon this work, but as long as you do NOT make any profit out of it, you are free to copy, distribute and transmit this film in its original form.

Almost 2 hours crammed in less than 500MB resulted in poor quality. Everything looks smudged and the sound isn’t great either.

Write your comments after you watched this documentary.

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