May 22, 2014 – I was just wondering about killing my spare time to watch something knowledgeable on YouTube, while searching for travel documentary, i caught up with the tragedy that i have heard off, and watched this one with tearful of eyes.

A commercial mountain which is the most dare able for many climbers and every single year someone has to end up their life in this killer mountain. Here is the documentary filmed by the Discovery Channel, which was not their intended goal of the shooting of this video as their mission was to film wind-suite jump of world record live show.

The documentary will feature highly emotional and real time footage, capturing the mobilization efforts of Sherpas and rescuers as they rushed to search for survivors. Through eyewitness accounts, viewers will hear from those who experienced this horrible tragedy and aftermath including sit down interviews with Joby Ogwyn; Expedition Leader Garrett Madison, who played a critical role in the recovery; Todd Burleson, president of Alpine Ascents International who lost five Sherpas; and other key members of the expedition and production teams.

Video: Copyrighted by Discovery Channel

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